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Some Vim tips to get you up and running using VIM.

Basic Keys

  • i : Press 'i' to start inserting text
  • j, k, l, ; Movement Keys (Down, Up, Right, Left)
  • ESC : Escape text-inserting mode
  • :x : Save and quit


These are some of the really useful plugins for vim:

  • NERDTree : Shows a tree structure for the files and directories.
  • GitGutter : Shows Git difference in the gutter.
  • Ctrl+P : Easily navigate through recent files.

vimrc ultimate configurations

amix/vimrc comes with the ultimate vim configuration, including all the above plugins and color and font stuff.

vim navigation tips

  • Use Ctrl + } to navigate to downwards, more logical.
  • Use T + or F + to move directly to that word in the line.
  • Navigation is done by the 'j', 'k', 'l', 'h' keys. Moving back and forth through words is done by the keys 'w', 'e', 'b'.