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Welcome to Arpan's Blog

Welcome to Arpan's Blog

Greetings. I am Arpan, a full-stack software engineer and open source enthusiast based in Sydney currently working at A2B Australia. I started this blog as a way to share my knowledge about topics related to tech and software engineering in general. The upcoming blog posts will focus on a variety of topics including (but not limited to):

  • Backend Technologies ( Node.js, Rust)
  • Front-end technologies (React, Vue, Next.js)
  • Cloud Technologies (GCP, AWS, Azure)
  • DevOps

About my work

In my day-to-day, I build full-stack solutions and work with different kinds of technologies like Node.js, Azure Cloud Services, React. I like to be involved in products end-to-end, whether the work involves coding, designing API specs based on the Australian government standards, setting up efficient DevOps processes to make my teammates lives easier, setting up a messaging queue for async communication, or just plain making powerBI reports for better business insights. I strongly believe that technology is a way to solve interesting problems and try to approach software engineering in a very pragmatic way. Having said that, I love cool tech!

How this blog will be organized

While I strive to write longer form, in-depth articles, which will be featured on the main page. I also have a section that I named dev logs where I simply jot down some notes that I usually refer to from time to time.

Find Me in other places:

You can find me in other places where I write blog posts or contribute like:


You can reach out to me via email: [email protected], message me on Linkedin, or find me on Twitter @nipeshkc7.