GCloud Commands

Introduction #

These are some useful GCloud commands, that can be used to manage and deploy your Google Cloud services.

Initialize GCloud #

gcloud init

This will let you log in from the browser and authenticate your Gcloud.

Deploy Cloud Run Services #

To deploy your Cloud Run service the format is :

gcloud run deploy <cloudRunServiceName> --image gcr.io/<project-id>/<container-name>:<tagOrSHA> --region <region> --platform <managedOrSthElse>


gcloud run deploy ohc-app-staging --image gcr.io/ohc-guide-gcr/ohc-app:restrict-date-range --region us-central1 --platform managed

The ---region and --platform arguments are optional.

List Images in the Container registry #

glcoud container images list --repository gcr.io/<project-id>

--repository parameter is optional, only use it if you want to list images from a different container repository.