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Best Podcasts for Software Engineers

Best Podcasts for Software Engineers

✍️ Published on Sat Aug 28 2021 (4 min read)

Podcasts are the best things to happen to mankind since sliced bread. You can listen to them anytime, anyplace, and in some cases without an internet connection. The selection of genres and niches is countless. There's something for everyone. Here's a list of my personal favorites. Note that not everything in the list is directly related to Software Engineering but I believe it's important for any professional to be well-rounded with a decent knowledge of other domains.

Software Engineering:

  • Softkills Engineering is a great listen, featuring experienced engineers and witty duo, Dave Smith and Jamison Dance, with their patented Quit your job advice. They talk about the non-technical side of software engineering including, but not limited to topics like negotiating pay raises, getting promoted, and general workplace etiquette.
  • Command Line Heroes: Command line heroes is a podcast that really captures your imagination with stories ranging from futuristic robots to the history of the world wide web, CLH brings mainstream media like entertainment to tech nerds. Produced by Red Hat and hosted by the founder of CodeNewbie Saron Yitbarek, this podcast never fails to entertain.
  • JS Party: A part of the Changelog family, JS party has an ensemble of JS heroes talking about everything web and Javascript. It's fun, light-hearted and overall a great listen for newbies and experienced developers alike.

Startups and Entrepreneurship

  • Startups for the rest of us: If you've ever remotely thought about starting your own tech business or a SAAS company, this will be a treat. Experienced entrepreneur Rob Walling shares his experiences from his days of Drip, the emailing service. If you've not started listening to this one yet, you should. You'll love all 500+ episodes of it.
  • Indie Hacker: Another inspirational podcast, Courtland Allen interviews different entrepreneurs and uncovers their backstory and their thought processes to gain insight on what makes an entrepreneur.
  • Rework by Basecamp: Rework is a software company that has gained notoriety among Engineers for their unorthodox approaches to products and software engineering practices in general. The creators of Hey, discuss their popular book, Shape Up in a series of episodes. They deep dive into each chapter providing different ideas and challenging the status quo on how software development is approached.


  • Comedian v Economist: This podcast is a highly entertaining way of getting your weekly rundown of the macroeconomic landscape. Witty comedian Adam talks to his brother Thomas, the economist. And they talk about the current events in Australia and all around the world.
  • Equity Mates Investing podcast: Also part of the Equity Mates network, Equity Mates Investing was started in 2017, by Bryce and Ren who wanted to get started investing. They built this podcast with a mission to educate Millenials about investing. They talk to leading experts and CEOs which gives is a great way to learn about the financial aspects of big companies, tech or otherwise.
  • Get Started Investing: This one does a great job of catering towards beginners, as they delve into the basics and simplify the complicated stuff about investing.

Comedy (Bonus)

  • Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend: Although comedy has nothing to do with being a Software Engineer, I had to put this one on here. One of the funniest people on the planet and American TV legend Conan O'Brien talks to a number of famous and non-famous guests with his friends Sona and Matt and every episode is hilarious.

These are some of my favorite podcasts. Thanks for reading!